1COMMUNITY1 is for everyone – citizen, business, government

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1COMMUNITY1 - Social Networking Solution platform and centre diagram, Citizen, Business, Government

1COMMUNITY Durham Region Business Platform (v4) Opens Thursday, November 10, 2016 in celebration of Global Entrepreneur Week at Ajax Biz Fest – Kicking off the 4th Annual “Do it in Durham”!

Register your Business Today and help celebrate the spirit of collaboration and community.

Social Networking and Business Solutions designed to build community connections while strengthening interaction between citizen, government and business.

1COMMUNITY1 is focused on the value of an individual’s role within a community as well as the importance of a community that is connected. The 1COMMUNITY1 social networking solution encourages bi-directional communication for citizen, business and government and offers valuable tools for growth and expansion.

Citizens, business and government will have the opportunity to participate in the 1COMMUNITY1 social networking solution on-line, using the 1COMMUNITY1 platform and in the real-world, through interaction with the 1COMMUNITY1 (1C1) Magazine and 1C1 Centre.

It is vital for everyone to feel a part of the community where they reside by contributing to its achievements and success. The 1COMMUNITY1 platform will support the connections necessary to uphold these relationships, reinforcing the value of local community.

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